Bottoms Up

June 27, 2008

It is with the utmost pleasure (and pain) that I announce the inclusion of my brand spanking new f/f story, "Flick Chicks," in the forthcoming anthology Hurts So Good: Unrestrained Erotica. This collection is edited by Alison Tyler and will be published in the fall by Cleis Press.

I constructed this cheeky little tale from a single image:

Mae's hair is her crowning glory. Jean Harlow blonde with Bettie Page bangs.

Initially, that was the opening line of the story, but as I fleshed out the piece, I realized it wasn't quite appropriate for the introduction, and so Mae's crowning glory found a home in the second paragraph.

"Flick Chicks" is probably the most risque story I've written thus far in my fledgling erotica career, though I'm sure it's considered tame by most standards. Nevertheless, I really stepped out of my comfort zone with this piece and, much to my delight, discovered that stepping out of my comfort zone did not actually make me all that uncomfortable.

This book has a stellar lineup of authors. I feel like the new kid on the block, but in a good way for once. Below is a scintillating synopsis of the anthology from the publisher's Web site:

Craving a little painful love? In Hurts So Good, editor and dominatrix Alison Tyler presents a cornucopia of kink with these tantalizing, triple-X tales, rich in variety and saucy details of lovers and partners paying the price with their bodies. Whether you dream of turning the other cheek, taking the full slap over and over, or exploring the dark fantasies of S/M, then this heart-pounding, welt-inducing collection will give you all the joys pain can bring.

Curiouser and curiouser,
Allison Wonderland

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