A Many Splendored Thing

July 8, 2008

I recently received word that my short story, "The Felicity of Domesticity," has been accepted for publication. The piece will be included in Best Lesbian Love Stories 2009, edited by Simone Thorne and slated for release from Alyson Books on December 1.

Below is a synopsis of the anthology:

Whether romance is missing from your life or you just want a little injection of fantasy, this book will have you dreaming about romance and lust. Pick this volume up and fall in love.

Inspiration for this story struck while I was strolling through my neighborhood. I like to think while I walk. (Or is it walk while I think?) In any event, for whatever reason, I'm at my most innovative and imaginative when I walk. I've always been that way.

Know what else I've always been? A rhymer. First I wrote an essay entitled "The Anonymity of Femmeininity" and then I wrote a story called "The Felicity of Domesticity." Next thing you know, I'll be penning poetry collections for children. Perhaps Dr. Seuss and I are distant cousins. Rhyming is one of my favorite literary devices, second only to alliteration. I absolutely adore alliteration. It's my trademark, my signature style.

In other news, my membership request for the Erotica Authors Assocation (EAA) has been approved. So my blog and I have been added to the roster of members. I'm in with the in-crowd.

Curiouser and curiouser,
Allison Wonderland


  1. Congrats on getting published again! Rhyming can be fun. Just ask Rose. "Miami, you're cuter than, an interuterine!" She came up with that one all by herself. LOL

  2. I love your rhyming titles!

    Hmm ... at some point your best known stories will probably be published as a collection. After that, a collection of your lesser-known pieces could be released: The Underhand Wonderland.

    By the way, since you like wordplay, can I perchance interest you in a round of Mad Libs?


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