The Pies That Bind

September 23, 2008

This post has zilch, zip, nada to do with erotica, or even with writing, for that matter, but... well... I... oh, just go ahead and read it anyway, jeez.

Yesterday, I was an extra on the Food Network show, Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Food Network filmed at a pizzeria I frequent. The owner of the restaurant demonstrated the pizza-making process, although I couldn't really see what was going on and thus got bored very quickly. But I was treated to plenty of complimentary grub and was privileged to be in the presence of the "very special guest," Mr. Stephanie March, a.k.a. Bobby Flay. All of a sudden, women started shrieking, and at first I thought that the guy was some sort of jock or something. Then a dude in a bear costume and Bears jersey strolled in. Dig the crazy dancing bear, I thought, because I've been watching way too much I Love Lucy lately.

The episode will air on December 21.

Curiouser and curiouser,
Allison Wonderland

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  1. I still can't believe you got to see ADA Cabot - er, Stephanie March's husband! And BTW, not that I thought you were making it up, but I just HAD to look on IMDB to see if it was true. I bet if Sophia had been there, she would've said she could've made better pizza. You know, she used to be friends with Mama Celeste! ;)


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