La Isla Bonita

April 22, 2009

Coming Together: Al Fresco is now available! This anthology, edited by Alessia Brio and published by All Romance eBooks, features my Sapphic short story, "Mahalo."

A little tease to please...

We stop walking. She faces the ocean, imbibes the sunset. The brilliant bursts of red and orange and yellow, the mirage of fluorescent, coalescent colors. The sky appears to be exploding, like lava gushing from the mouth of a volcano. A zephyr startles the palm trees, causing the purple-hued leaves to sway and sashay, swishing back and forth beneath the plumage of clouds.

"You're breathtaking," she says, and I cant determine whether she is speaking at the sky or to it. When I do not respond, my admirer turns to me. "I was talking to you," she says, demure, unsure, her eyes straying. She looks left, then right, glances behind her, over one shoulder, then the other.

"We're alone."

"Oh," she says. Then, "Good."

The release date coincides with Earth Day, very appropriate considering that the theme of the collection is vo-de-o-do-do-ing in the out-of-doors.

Proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit Conservation International.

After all, you've gotta give some green to get some green, right?

Curiouser and curiouser,
Allison Wonderland

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