I Put a Spell on You

August 3, 2009

Saturday night, I saw a play in the city. After the show, which was simply scintillating, the theatre hosted a Sexy Spelling Bee. I was all abuzz. Who better to participate than me, self-professed word slut and member of the literary cliterary elite?

Following the performance, I registered to be a contestant, and then come 10 P.M., the bee began. The contest was comprised of four rounds. My words were...

1) clitoris
2) Sybian
3) necrophilia
4) salacious

Of these four, I spelled only one incorrectly. Guess which word that was.

After all was said spelled and done, I placed second. Winners were encouraged to take off their shirts. Guess whose shirt remained un-taken off.

Prizes were donated by Playboy, and I walked away with a pink Miss January baby doll tee and an iPod carrying case.

Curiouser and curiouser,
Allison Wonderland

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