September 5, 2009

I really need to update this blog on a regular basis.

Okay, pre-New Year's resolution: post a new entry at least three times a week.

Definitely doable. Please poke me (gently!) if I'm not satisfying you. Er, not satisfying my resolution, I mean.

I recently participated in Remittance Girl's "A Slip of the Lip" writing challenge, for which I composed a 100-word work of flash fiction entitled "Sugar High."

Advance praise for the piece (thanks, fellow ERWA list members!):

Sickeningly sweet... in a good way. LOVE the gumball-green eye image. -- Sophie

Kisses sweeter than wine, eh? Delicious. There is nothing as sweet as the taste of a lover's lips. -- Malcom

Totally cute. Like the ending line. -- Annie

I don't read much flash fiction, but for some reason this one caught my eye and I'm glad it did. What a sweet sentiment. Nice imagery with the limbs lacing like a corset. Maybe the nicest thing someone can say about a "quickie" is that every word counted. I think you achieved that. -- Alicia

Lovely images and in contrast to some of these "KISS"es I did not feel cheated out of the sex. -- Felicia

"A Slip of the Lip" will soon be available as a complimentary download.

Curiouser and curiouser,
Allison Wonderland

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