The Ghostess with the Mostest

October 31, 2009

I adore Halloween - chomping on candy corn, scooping the goop out of plump round pumpkins, and, of course, playing dress-up.

Being yourself is way overrated. Be whoever you darn well want to be.

I usually dress up as Like a Virgin-esque Madonna. I've also been Laverne DeFazio ('cause she's one L of a dame), a bumblebee, and a chocolate sandwich cookie.

But what I haven't been, what I really should be, is Alice in Wonderland. I think I'd look pretty fetching in that blue and white frock you see before you. Actually, that's one of the tamest Alice outfits I've come across.

Next year, perhaps. Perhaps next year I will discover, as the lyrics to Raven-Symoné's "Alice" profess, just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Curiouser and curiouser,
Allison Wonderland

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