Cheek to Cheek

September 12, 2010

It's my turn to spank the day away.

In anticipation of the publication of D.L. King's Spank! anthology, I'll be sharing a snippet from my story.

The tale is told by an aspiring submissive, written in first person from a male point-of-view. In the three years that I've been writing erotic fiction, I've never "been" a man before. It's just always felt much more natural to write as a woman. But I wanted to explore the reasons why a guy would seek pleasure in pain, why a guy would have a preference for deference. Thus, "Fit to Be Tied, Bound to Be Gagged" was born.

"When I say bend over, you say how far."

It wasn't a command.

It wasn't a demand.

It wasn't even a reprimand.

It was a wisecrack, plain and simple, a riposte delivered in response to a mildly witty comment I'd made about my fiancĂ©e's promotion to station manager. But her remark had sparked my curiosity, let loose a slew of what ifs. 'What if she means it?' I wondered, sensing the beginnings of a smile. And then my pessimistic side kicked in – 'What if she doesn't?' – and the smile began to shrivel.

I spent the remainder of the day alternating between two of the seven deadly sins: lust and envy. I imagined myself reclining on our bed, a riding crop pinched like a rose between my teeth, waiting for Charlene to whale on my tail end. I thought of the imprints and handprints she would stamp on my flesh. I'd be seeing red, bold red, like the stripes in the American flag. And what could be more patriotic than a good old-fashioned spanking?

Charlene had awakened in me a dormant desire to be dominated. That woman never fails to amaze me – we hadn't even explored the fantasy yet and already she'd proven herself a power player in power playing...

[But] this had to be consensual, mutual, because even though I would be the one feeling pain, Charlene would be the one dealing pain, and she had to be okay with that.

"Are you okay with that?" I asked, my casual inflection no match for my tattered nerves as I sat in front of Charlene's desk while she stood behind it.

Charlene seemed to glory in my distress. "What exactly are you suggesting?" she queried, hoisting her hands onto her hips.

I tried hard not to revert to my squeaky pubescent voice as I said, "I'm suggesting that we take our work home with us."

I took in Charlene's expression – the tiny twinkle in her eyes, the giddy grin on her lips.

I could tell that she was up for it.

More than up for it.

Into it.

"It does seem logical, doesn't it?" Charlene replied, rubbing the rounded edges of her clipboard. "I'm already your superior at work. Why not also be your superior at play?"

D.L. King's book of bruised bottoms will be released on Wednesday, September 15.

Spanks for stopping by!

Curiouser and curiouser,
Allison Wonderland

P.S. The anthology's virtual tour continues through the 21st. Check out the schedule here.


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