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June 16, 2013

Greetings, gals.

Today I'll be blogging all the glory for Wild Girls, Wild Nights, Sacchi Green's newest collection of lesbian literature from Cleis Press.

My story in the anthology is called "Guise and Dolls" and recounts my atypical showmance with a fellow collegian.

At the famed but unnamed institute of higher yearning I attended, I thrived on dyke drama. Which is why I was studying theatre (offstage stuff). But it was in the theatre department that I met a drama queen of a different sort: a performance major on whom I developed a major crush.

I decided I had to act.

On my feelings, that is.

Here's a preview of my debut:

"Do these jeans make my ego look fat?" Joelle inquires, posing like a paparazzi princess in front of the mirror.

"Colossal." I pat her posterior. "Just like your caboose."

Joelle shakes her ass in my face. "You can borrow them sometime."

"Oh, so you're going to let me get in your pants?"


My smile squirms. "Stop leading me on," I mutter, half-hoping she'll hear me and half-hoping she won't. It's my fault—I shouldn't be flirting with Jo, not when she knows I have feelings for her. And she knows. There's no way she can’t know. It's plain as gay. Day. Whatever. 

"I'm not leading you on," Jo insists, but her tone is too chirpy, like she doesn't take me seriously.

"You're a leading lady. It's what you do."

"I'm not always a leading lady. Freshman year I auditioned for Peggy Sawyer in 42nd Street, but they cast me as Dorothy Brock. It all worked out for the best, though, since Dorothy has this fabulous solo, 'You're Getting to Be a Habit with Me.'" Jo clears her throat, starts to croon about wanting someone to be gay with, to play with. "Not exactly your garden variety coming out story, is it?"

Jo wants someone to be gay with? Great. Jo wants to play with someone? "Great, I'm in love with a playgirl."

"Luck, be a lady. You're in love with me?"

"Like you didn't know." Atta girl—make her look stupid.

Well, eventually, she made me look stupid: when she stage left me after graduation.

But even though it didn't last, it was definitely a blast while it did.

And, hey, it truly makes for a good story, so I'd say it's a win-win.

Speaking of which, readers who comment on this blog entry will be entered to win Wild Girls, Wild Nights.

Thanks for coming by, ladies.

Tomorrow, you get a taste of "Tamago" with Anna Watson. 

Curiouser and curiouser,
Allison Wonderland

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