Doing Write by You

March 31, 2017

I may not be a people person, but I am, evidently, a Popple person.

Because this time, the post title is not just a play on words: With my irregular updating, I have not been doing right by you.

You're not going to proscribe me, are you?

You are?

I thought you were pro scribe!

Oh, well. I understand.

I hope you'll still have a book-see at what's coming out:

In June, Bold Strokes will publish a covey of lovey-dovey stories called Girls Next Door.

In July, Bella will debut their new anthology of con prose at the Golden Crown Literary Society Conference in Chicago, which I will be attending.

I won't be the most popular author there, but I'll certainly be the most Popple-ular.

Curiouser and curiouser,
Allison Wonderland